Setting goals in football and in life is extremely important. Without a goal or a specific purpose, it’s difficult to plan and work to accomplish something. Goals come in all different shapes and sizes and no matter at what stage you are at in your career, goals are necessary because they give you a specific target to visualise and aim for. When setting them, you need to look at your:

Long-Term Goals
In 5 – 10 years time where do you aim to be? This is your ultimate career goal. (Example: Playing Professionally in a Top 5 European League)

Medium-Term Goals
In 1 – 3 years where do you aim to be?
(Example: Get into a Division 1 Soccer College, into an academy/development team).

Short-Term Goals
In the next 12 months what do you want to achieve?(Example: Be the top scorer in your league, get the MVP award, make the starting 11)

Micro Goals
What specific skills do you need to improve to reach your short term goal?(Example: Improve finishing, Become a better 1-on-1 dribbler)

Day-by-Day Goals
In the next training session what do you want to achieve?(Example: complete 4/6 reps of a drill successfully, watch ‘insert game here’ and take notes of what makes ‘insert players name here’ a great player, watch 3 Effective Game Brain/Classroom videos)

To give you anotherexample, at age 16 my goals looked something like this:

Nick’s Goals at age 16

Long Term
Play for Chelsea FC.

Medium Term
Get Into a Premier League Academy.

Short Term
Become regarded as the best player in my team.

Micro Goals
Improve 1-on-1’s, Be able to confidently shoot and cross with my left foot, have faster and better quality decision making and improve first touch.

Day-by-Day Goals
Train using the Knock & Cross Drill and successfully complete 6/8 reps in a set, shoot 100 times with my left foot against a wall, watch and takes notes of Barcelona vs Real Madrid by carefully analysing Ronaldo’s touches on the ball and what he does before he receives the ball, Train using the Directional Touch Drill and successfully complete 5/6 reps in a set.

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