Seasons run for different lengths depending on where you live. When I played in Australia I had a 5 month season with a two month pre-season, however in Europe I have a 9 month season with a 1.5 month pre season. So everyone’s different and there’s different training for different periods. I categorise my schedule into four parts:

Early Pre-Season
This is the training you do before the pre-season with your team begins.

Goal: Make sure that from Day 1 of your team pre-season you’re the fittest and most ready in your team.

This is the training you’re doing with your team in order to prepare yourself for the season.

Goal: Make a great first impression, increase your match fitness and refine and tune your game and style of play.

All your preparation leads to this. Competitive games and tournaments.

Goal: Be a standout player. Reach your short-term goal. Score x goals, get most valuable player, etc.

The season has ended. After reflection, this is dedicated time to improve.

Goal: Maintain a good base of fitness and improve on your weak points.

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