How to manage your training when you have holidays and must-Do’s in your schedule?
One of the things I actually hated growing up was going on holiday. Since me and my parents were on a work exchange in Europe from Australia, they loved to travel, so the question I had to ask myself every summer is how I could combine my training and family time? Furthermore, when you have a busy week of exams or you got a lot of commitments with work, it’s easy to make excuses. Here are a few pieces of advice: 

Does your body need a total break?
Do you feel like you need to take some time off to recover physically and mentally? Consider this very carefully before doing any training during your holiday period and even more so if that training interferes with important time with your loved ones. Most professionals have a few weeks break every season without any football to just completely de-stress and enjoy the time away. But if you’re like me and get anxious when there’s no fitness in your daily life, follow the next two points.

Do it first thing in the morning
This can be tough to follow if you’re not a morning person. Personally, I like to sleep in and go to sleep late if I have the choice. This is even harder to do when you’re ‘on holiday’. But do not dread going on holiday’s just because you want to maintain your training schedule.

You can bring it with you. Before you eat breakfast or your day starts, do your training. You will feel good for the rest of the day, knowing that you improved yourself and you can take in the sights and the joys of being with your family and friends. 

Work on different goals & skills
During holidays, you may not have the access to the same facilities and equipment you’re used to having at home. 

This means you have to adapt your training. When you go on holiday, set different goals for yourself. You may want to work more on the mental and tactical side of your game or perhaps you could touch up your fitness by focusing more on conditioning, speed drills and interval running. 

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