Very often, an Effective users very first question to us is about how they can get an opportunity to impress.

"I'm from "insert foreign country" and want to play in England"

"How do I contact and write to clubs?"

"How do I get recruited?"

But here's the thing:

You're probably not good enough... yet.

See as a young person growing up, you see the players on TV, you see your Instagram feed full of the lifestyles of the rich and famous footballers. You watch them with admiration and wonder to yourself what it would be like to be in their shoes. What would life feel like? 

Every single one of with a dream start our journey with a similar visualisation. Whether you want to become a top footballer, entrepreneur, musician or just the best in your field.. it starts here. 

So thats when begin digging for things that can help you achieve your new found goal. Depending on the type of person you are, you'll search immediately for opportunity or you'll seek for a way to get good enough to make opportunity come to you

But unfortunately, most people go for the bait..

They want things QUICK!

Then they stumble across opportunity or find a way to get it... 

"AHH!! Wow! a Juventus coach/scout/player is gonna be there at that open trial/European soccer camp/training!"


"I'm gonna email that coach from that good team in my area! He'll pick me because I have a dream and I think I'm good enough!" 

A week passes and they get accepted into the camp! Or.. the coach replies and says to come to Thursday's training!  

Then after a moment of excitement, Billy goes on Youtube to find some tips...

The next day he sees another video to learn some new tricks..

Then.. Thursday comes. Young Billy whose been training three hours a week with his high school rocks up with his boots and an over-confident smile.. only to have his confidence smashed to pieces 90 minutes later, too brittle to pick up the pieces of where it all went wrong. 

This happens every single hour of every single day. There are millions of Billy's all over the world and there's probably a little bit of Billy inside of you!

And that coach/scout at that soccer camp/tryout? Well he never really talked to you, you felt kinda lost and you're willing where your hard earned money went.

Unfortunately, there are millions of dollars every year made out of businesses that purely sell dreams without really telling you what it takes.

We are one of the few to tell you the practical way to achieve your dream and many don't want to listen because it takes work and lots of it. 

In fact, if you click away from this article right now that will tell you a lot about what mentality you currently have

But if you accept that it takes work and you accept that you will grind and do everything to achieve your goal.. GREAT! I will tell you exactly how you can use Effective to achieve your footballing goals and get an opportunity to impress.

Step 1) Ask yourself if you are really doing enough?

Having attended open trials all over the world, and playing in countries where people from all over the world wanted to play in (England, Switzerland and Holland to name a few), 9 times out of 10, the player on trial is not at the level it takes to play at the standard they want. 

I've seen this many times in particular with Americans who come attempt to find opportunity in Europe. They are flabbergasted with the speed of play, tactical awareness and the intelligent decision making of Europeans. 

I myself am my own biggest critic on this. I learnt from experience in my early days of trying that I simply wasn't doing enough. 

I thought training everyday was going to be my key to success when I went on trial at AFC Wimbledon. But it wasn't because I didn't work smart enough. 

Once I thought I was working hard and smart and went on trial again, I realised how much I lacked in the mental side of my game with confidence. 

Then once I worked hard + smart + confidently.. my next trials succeeded. 

I kept evaluating myself and working to get better. Criteria tables like this ensured I knew what scouts and coaches would evaluate me on: 

This table is from this great article on finding your strengths and weaknesses, read more here.

Step 2) Work your butt off

I did this in conjunction with tracking my hours of training. There were gaps between where I was at and how much deliberate, focused practice I needed to complete to achieve my goal.

In two years I trained roughly 2,000 hours.

This is why you are here. Train Effective is here to help you achieve the absolute most from your training.

Step 3) Finding an opportunity

We at Train Effective have created lots of videos on how to get opportunity. We've even had an ex-scout from Manchester United come look at players from our sessions. 

Here are some golden links for you to look at:

The 7 Ways to Get A Soccer Tryout

How to Become a Professional (Includes Studies of Players)

And be careful of fraudsters!

There are sharks out there ready to promise you anything! Below is an excellent watch on the dangers out there.

Wrapping it up 

I hope this article has given you some good insight. If its changed your mentality somewhat in approaching opportunity, good. There are too many that don't focus intensely enough on training for one and thats the point I want to bring to you guys. 

There's a good reason why you stumbled across Train Effective! We are here for IMPACT. This is also your chance because 9 times out of 10, the others won't be ready. Now its your chance to work, graft and make the result of an opportunity a successful one!

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