If you're a follower of the 10,000 hour rule or just really motivated to achieve your goals, you would probably train 24 hours a day...if you could! 

One of our Effective players, recently told me that he gets up at 5 AM every morning to train 2 hours before going to school! And while that shows incredible commitment and self-discipline, he was experiencing a drop in his performance and overall motivation to play.

The problem was that he was not only getting up very early, he also went to bed fairly late, getting only 5-6 hours of sleep per night...

There is a lot of talk about how much sleep is ideal, but everyone seems to have a different opinion.

So the best thing you can do, is actually ask the people that you want to become like (some of the best athletes in the world) how much they sleep:

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo
    Known for his incredible work-ethic and perfectionism in every area of his professional life, he makes no exception here.
    He even hired a sleep-expert to help him figure the perfect his sleep schedule.

    Ronaldo now sleeps exactly 7.5 hours per night, avoiding any electronic devices (blue light) at least 1 hour before going to bed and even sleeping in a specific position that maximises the quality of his sleep.

  2. Lebron James
    Arguably the best basketball player in the world, Lebron James sleeps up to 10 hours per night, in a completely dark room, set at the perfect temperature and with absolutely zero outside noise.

    He says, if he doesn't get 10 hours, he takes another 2 hour nap during the day.

    Sleep is also his preferred way of recovering, "I just think that's the best way to recover. I can do all the training, I can do all the ice bags and the Normatecs and everything that we do as far as our recovery package while I'm up, but when you're getting that good sleep, you just wake up and you feel fresh. You don't need an alarm clock. You just feel like 'OK, I can tackle this day at the highest level."

There's more about that on this special podcast with Lebron James and Tim Ferriss here.

So, no matter if you sleep 7.5 or 10 hours per night, these world-class athletes take their sleep extremely serious! And if you want to be at their level one day, I highly suggest you learn from them and make sleep a priority!

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