We recently received a Instagram DM from someone in the Effective fam. This is what he said to us: 

I think the first thing to do if you’re playing in teams where you’re losing all the time is to really analyse what points a team loses or you, yourself lose.

Maybe the team is already setup to lose beforehand because training is too comfortable, the coach is to relaxed or the players are not serious.

You as a player need to recognise these signs. If there’s no feeling that the players you’re playing with really WANT it, then that mentality rubs off and is going to set you up to lose.

Can you change it? Can you lead the team? Can your words of encouragement effect the players, the atmosphere, or even the coach? 

If not, and you want to win - well you need to change your team. 

Now, the trade off when you go to higher teams you play with is that you see a different environment.

It looks more intense, the facial expressions and body language on players look more serious, the coach is a bit more vocal and demanding of his/her players.

This can feel intimating from the outside, but great isn’t made in comfort zones. If you want to really challenge yourself and win, you need to test yourself in these environments. First it will feel uncomfortable, but you may adapt and get better. 

At the end of the day, everybody starts from somewhere and struggles come in all shapes and sizes.

Its up to you whether you take the leap or not... but if you want my advice.. take that leap!! 

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