We've all heard people say it a million times, "You need to get out of your comfort zone!".
It sounds good, intuitively. But we don't really know why.

Because logically speaking, it doesn't make much sense for you to choose a more difficult option if you could have it a lot easier.
And if you look around, 

For thousands of years, humans had to struggle every day in order to survive and to feed their families. For most of that time, there was no couch to put their feet up on the weekend. In fact, there were no weekends...

Discomfort is something our bodies are made for and that they require, to a certain extent, to stay healthy and to keep growing.

The problem is that we almost don't need to challenge ourselves anymore to survive. Which is a good problem to have, in theory.

But most people don't do any more than they absolutely need to.
Which leads us to why so many people are overweight and why the cases of cancer and certain other diseases are actually increasing...

We know that all new creations need to go through some kind of pressure or discomfort. Whether it's growing your muscles in the gym or creating steel in a factory.

So why don't we use the same model to improve all aspects of our lives?

In life, you really have two options to improve yourself (and your capabilities).

Option #1: You get rid of all the comfort and safety in your life and you force yourself to either sink or swim. (This is the quickest way to grow.)

Option #2: You set goals that are so large that you have to become a different (more capable) person in order to attain them. (This one sounds more fun but takes a lot more self-discipline.)

As athletes, we usually take the second option. And the difference between the ones that make it and the ones that don't is mostly the self-discipline (read last weeks email).
The best thing about this though is that no matter if you end up reaching your goal in the end or not, you are becoming a better version of yourself in the process. 

And if you keep repeating this cycle over and over again in your life, you will not only be more successful than 99% of people, you will also be living up to your full potential.   

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